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About  Archiventions


Archiventions is a Guwahati based Architecture & Planning consultancy organization formed in January 2004 by Ar. DebojyotiDebroy. It offers comprehensive consultancy services in the field of Architecture, Interior Design, Landscaping, Urban Development and has since established itself as one of North-east India’s leading exponents of designing Architecture responsive to its context.
Our reputation is founded on delivering holistic solutions on an eclectic range of difficult projects, on time andwithin the budget. We aim to provide our clients with professional architectural services that achieve anappropriate balance between contextual, aesthetic, environmental and cost considerations.
We constantly seek our client’s satisfaction by clarifying, understanding and responding to their needs and expectations.
Archiventions firmly believes in the principles of environmentally sustainable design and apply theseprinciples to all of our works. We are committed to the principles of quality management, in order to ensure theconsistency of our services.

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Our Approach

  • Understand our Client thoroughly
  • Accept and deliver only  what we can
  • Completely commit to the project & think like the owner
  • Follow meticulously every aspect of-project management process
  • Have complete transparency at every stage
  • If unforeseen problem occur –finding solutions of that.
  • There with our Client till the end of the Project

Our Mission

Our mission is to leave behind a customer ‘DELIGHTED’ with every aspect of the project, starting from the planning stage and through to its design and implementation.

Our People

Our staff is our key resource and so we summarize the key personnel in the following section of the submission. Archiventions has expertise in project management, development and construction.

Our Relationship

We guarantee that as a Client of Archiventions , you will receive -

  • Creative objective
  • Effective service
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Involve and communicate with you regularly
  • Resolve any issue that may arise, to your satisfaction.